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electronica by Jonathan Gibson

Business Games

Forged in the fires of conflict, we seek advantage, shift position and brace for impact. Testing our wits in mock-battles we twist the difficulty knob to hard-mode honing our character + group cohesion through ever-more fantastic conditions.

We keep sticking quarters in the machine because we seek that magic moment looming doom turns into awesome achievement.

If your already on a quest -or- have one in mind, there is an epic role for everyone in this saga:
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New Player Setup

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talents and aptitudes

Effective players choose skill-trees to maximize character-class abilities. Open a topic to assign those perks to your mission.

  • Producer / Developer


    charting known unknowns
      Product champion and defender of simplicity
    • +1
    • Define creative direction matching goals to methods
    • Guide products from concept to market
    • Manage team line-up with goals, mix roles with resources, simmer
  • management


    herding talented cats to market
      Team cohesion & direction, work-ethic & vibe.
    • +1
    • International design, idiom localization, fashion & style development suitable for culture adaption
    • Adept with agile management and rapid prototyping
    • Pioneering touch + speech development for Apple
  • Design & Interface


    visualize the future… be that future
      Deck development, product roll-out, podium mastery
    • +1
    • Executive messages, product intros, corporate media, broadcast content
    • International design, language localization, fashion idioms & style for culture adaption
    • HTM5/CSS3, Keynote, Powerpoint Flash/Air, Director
    • Tell them what your going to say. Tell them. Tell 'em what you told them.
  • Steve Jobs

    Visual Arts

    "All artists borrow, true artists steal" Picasso
      Artist, designer, stylist…
    • +1
    • Imaginative media composition for page, television, and virtual realms
    • Maker of worlds, skinner of superior materials, creator of Wraptures smart textures
    • Expertise with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, media tools
    • Murals + super-graphics, faux-marble surfaces, rag-rolled walls, exotic material patinas, surface fx development

Badges of honor and triumph

Scattered pioneer signposts, milestones, and achievements

  • Man vs. Machine

    VideoSphere professional video editor

    senior interface designer - non-linear media composer

    Lead designer ImMIX VideoSphere and VideoCube professional non-linear video editor. Working with Grass Valley based team to deliver a set of interface elements & design guidelines that proved durable in an age of ephemeral electronic goods. This ImMIX/Scitex system supported all major media formats with a simple paper-slip metaphor designed to let broadcast reporters, corporate media centers, and globe-straddling broadcast head-ends easily focus on content for effective delivery. Player-vs-Machine
  • Player vs. A.I.

    Chello Broadband, Amsterdam iTV rollout

    director of production - international development

    Lead international teams of coders, designers, researchers to 1st deployment of broadband WebTV on set-top-box. Design teams developed themes drawn from local cultural communications that conform to regional styles. Logic crew reverse-engineered client-server platform to develop deployable innovative interfaces for goods and services, including secure online services for government and banking while maintaining strict user privacy. Player -vs- A.I.
  • Player vs. Machine

    Telestream VideoFax

    lead designer - the touchscreen office

    Replace overnight shipping broadcast quality videos with an elegant touchscreen store-and-forward device any office staff can use. Form and Function worked early with both hard+software teams to deliver a Java-based control interface for this long-lived electronic media product.Player -vs- Machine
  • Man vs. Man

    Wraptures smart-pixel textures

    design + develop - photographic patterns

    Clever tile-able photographic patterns with alpha channels sought by professional graphic artists and high-end desktop publishers. F+F used it’s expertise animating two + three D to create an extensive toolkit for virtual reality. These sold as a series of popular CD-ROM libraries.Player -vs- Man
  • Player vs. A.I.

    Robert Abel’s Guernica project

    lead interface designer - interactive learning

    Guernica was a pioneering educational exploration that would foreshadow the internet web as we know it now. It drove new metaphors like examining a topic with contextual tools populating submenus with early digital video for non-linear learning. This was the first use of picture-in-picture video delivered via Apple Macintosh devices. Player -vs- A.I.
D E F I N I T I O N S :
Man noun, an antagonistic character -or- composite of several non-playable characters in opposition to Player goals and interests
Machine noun, metaphor, a constructed set of puzzles or obstacles Player must transverse, evade, subdue, destroy, or otherwise control for victory achievement
A.I. noun, euphemism, The only known form of galactic life with six stomachs and no brains… a committee: made of captive energy held frozen in time to power no good ends. The most-vexing challenge.
Guilds and Cadres

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…

Survival of the most cooperative

Rachel Rutherford

Rachel Rutherford

Senior Lecturer
Game Software Design and Production,
Digipen Institute of Technology
“I felt lucky to bring Jonathan's deft hand and eye to my Grass Valley team where we explored ground-breaking new media interfaces. There he set a productive vibe and goals for world-class professional products – which we achieved! I highly recommend his ability to simplify gnarly issues with high-touch clarity and élan.“
Patrick Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney

Executive Director
Product Management,
Sonic Wall – Dell
“Jonathan’s diligence to craft and pursuit of creative excellence is only matched by his attention to technical details that can border on the savant. He’s a stellar pioneering designer keen to help and mentor. He doesn't just manage, but leads by example and aspiration. Two big thumbs-up!“
Ken Cope

Ken Cope

Course Director/Instructor
Ex'pression College for Digital Arts,
Walt Disney Imagineering alumni
“Jonathan regularly disposes of awkward memes and faulty paradigms with an ease only surpassed by his dispatch of Grade C performers...“
Morgan Newman

Morgan Newman

Creative Planet
co-founder A N D
“Jonathan Gibson is a unique and rare talent in the field of digital media design. His depth of knowledge, technical acumen, and creative genius is rarely found in one person’s repertoire. I would highly recommend him for any relevant position“
Will Kreth

Will Kreth

Director Media Strategies
Warner Communications,
Wired magazine pioneer
Will is a new media pioneer stretching back as Wired Magazine’s first paid employee and critical to publishing the first edition and later co-wrote The New Mutant Handbook. He went on to careers at fledgling Prodigy and iTV media executive for a startup called Time Warner.
David Pogue

David Pogue

Senior Technologist
Yahoo!, Host of PBD Make Stuff,
New York Times alumni
“We worked well creating an immersive game experience mutating Hollywood and Silicon Valley in my techno-thriller novel Hard Drive – which looking back was way-ahead of it’s time, but comfy in today’s device-filled world“
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I am a design executive with a track record of success building and leading strong teams delivering lasting designs for tangible ROI. Balanced experience in both large enterprise and start-up environments. Exceptional ability to identify, position, and deploy world-class goods and services to scale. Cross-discipline expertise in business strategy & market planning, international goods attenuated for local norms, partner development, product management, branding and demand generation. I lead by example and aspiration. I live the design principles of form-follows-function and glad to show the value of design.
—Jonathan Gibson—

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